Support us!

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There are several ways to support the OMSF and Hosted Projects:

  1. Become a Member

a. Hosted Project

Each Hosted Project is a Member of the OMSF and you can join one or more Hosted Projects of your interest. Benefits for Hosted Project members are specified in the associated participation agreement. Any funds received in this way are spent following decisions made by the governing body of the Hosted Project, under the OMSF oversight. Hosted Projects can nominate and vote for candidates to sit on the OMSF Board of Directors.

b. Supporting Member

You can become a Supporting Member by contributing at least $100,000 USD in cash or in-kind contributions directly to OMSF. Supporting Members may nominate and vote for candidates to sit on the OMSF Board of Directors.

  1. Donate

You can support the OMSF by donating any amount of money or in-kind contributions, such as money, equipment, services, compute resources, etc. You can choose to donate directly to the organization or support specific Hosted Projects.

  1. Volunteer

You can contribute your time and expertise to help us achieve our goals – get in touch with us!

Please reach out to for more information on how to contribute or become a member. Your contributions will be used to support the existing Hosted Projects or create new programs, cover OMSF’s business expenses, and support other activities furthering our mission consistent with U.S. laws and regulations, and within the constraints of OMSF’s certificate of incorporation and bylaws.