Members & Community

In addition to fiscal sponsorship, we aim to provide services to support the specific needs of our Members and the wider user community whenever possible. We may offer a broad range of services in this space; if you have needs relating to open source software, please reach out and we can discuss whether we might be able to work together. Some of the services we may be able to provide, in particular to our members, include:

Software and research

  • Software customization, extension and integration
  • Feature specification and development
  • Support with software installation, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Training and user support
  • Feasibility studies
  • Data curation
  • Independent benchmarking


  • Assistance with nucleation and onboarding of high-impact new projects
  • Analysis of the landscape of open source molecular modelling tools
  • Facilitation of collaboration between academic and industry researchers.
  • (Co)organization of events, workshops and panels
  • Facilitation and coordination to work on standards and better practices for research open source software in molecular sciences.