Host Your Project

One of the services OMSF provides is fiscal sponsorship – it can host an existing project looking for an organizational home or it can help incubate a new one in collaboration with the project leaders. The Project’s governing body communicates with the OMSF about services and support required, and provides instructions on how to spend their allocated funding. The OMSF provides requested support and ensures that any funding is spent according to the Project’s governance charter and OMSF’s Bylaws (and charitable purpose). Those contributing financially to a Hosted Project typically become project Members and, by doing so, automatically become OMSF Members.

The OMSF charges a fee to each Hosted Project to cover the costs of business administration and any additional services provided. The fee will be set annually by the OMSF Board of Directors based on the incurred costs and the number of Hosted Projects as a percentage of the Project’s funding (typically less than 10%). Each Project will be timely informed about the fees and given the opportunity to reduce their costs, if needed, or to move their project to another organization.

Requirements for OMSF to host a project (Model A):

  • Working on a problem within or related to the molecular sciences domain
  • Licensing your work under an OSI approved license
  • Publicly available code
  • Clear governance model (OMSF can assist with this)
  • Approval by the OMSF Board of Directors
  • Signed agreement between the project leader(s) and OMSF

How to become a Hosted Project?

  1. Please reach out to to start a conversation. The Board of Directors will review your application and make the final decision.

  2. If accepted, your team will work with OMSF to create an agreement defining the governance structure and membership plan for your supporting organizations (or individuals). This document will also specify the relationship and obligations between the Hosted Project and OMSF. If your project is already up and running, we will work with you to plan the migration of your project and its assets under the OMSF umbrella.

  3. Ready to go!

Why would you choose to host your project with OMSF?

You might want to:

  • Have a centralized administration unit to provide fast and responsive support to your open source project
  • Simplify procurement processes for essential tools and services
  • Grow your team internationally and create positions not supported by your current organization
  • Hire independent contractors
  • Grow your network of collaborators in industry and academia
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Receive donations for your project
  • Have access to legal advice and insurance
  • Share resources and knowledge with other open source projects and researchers
  • Do something different and OMSF seems like your natural partner